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The very first edition of Professional Skipper magazine was published in 1996 and was laid up, cut and pasted on Keith and Vivienne Ingram’s dining room table. Since then the readership has grown exponentially to some 94,000 industry related readers. New owner Margaret Wind, aims to continue the growth and enjoyment of the magazine for existing and future readers.

Professional Skipper has won such accolades as Editor of the Year, Journalist of the Year and been nominated for New Zealand Industry Magazine of the Year. Professional Skipper caters for our industry, offering informative, accurate and entertaining reading for mariners and interested boaties throughout New Zealand and beyond.

The magazine has an incisive ability to produce comprehensive and entertaining boat reviews and topical articles as well as selecting quality writers, with representation from the charter, aquaculture, fishing and boat building sectors as well as the salty old timers sharing their views – Margaret and her team manage to capture what industry wants to hear.

SafeShip Ltd produces four main titles

Professional Skipper – Finalist 2008 Qantas Media Awards

The only truly specialised marine publication that focuses on the wider maritime industry from small craft to big ships. Whether a professional mariner or an interested boatie, this is a diverse magazine that quite literally has something for everyone.

New Zealand Aquaculture

This magazine gives readers an in depth view into the successes and challenges of our New Zealand Aquaculture industry and is important reading for anyone with an interest in aquaculture.

NZ Workboat Review

A showcase of the latest in development and design of a selection of commercial vessels entering service on the New Zealand coast or internationally in the last year. This glossy magazine is popular with the boat building industry, owners and operators of commercial and seafarers alike.

Aquaculture Health International

This is a dedicated aquaculture health e-zine publication focusing on finfish and aquaculture health. A must-read for fish health professionals, aquatic pharmaceutical companies, fish and marine farmers, aquaculture consultants, government representatives and marine science professionals.

Select maritime publications

Including “Saltwater in her Hair” by Dee Pignéguy

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